Monday, February 14, 2011

Pink 60's Dress

This is the pattern I used to make my pink dress. The pattern has a round neck but on me it was way too tight, it felt constricting and way to much fabric across the chest so I converted it to a V-neck a much better look for those of us with fuller busts. Esmerelda, my dress form, doesn't quite fill out the dress the way I do hence the wrinkles on the front and the dress isn't hemmed yet which is why you can see tiny strands of thread hanging off the bottom of the dress.
The dress was underlined with a fine pink voile meaning I could stitch the dress pieces as one rather than worrying about a lining. The fabric has a lot of body to it, I actually think there may be some wool content.
I top-stitched all the seams and the V-neck including either side of the invisible zip on the back and used facings for the armholes and neck edge.
Overall I enjoyed the experience of sewing a vintage dress and will definitely be sewing some more.
I'm enjoying  seeing what other people are sewing from vintage patterns too and being able to post all our progress to one blog is an excellent idea.


  1. Great dress!! Love the color and it is sooooo 60's. What accessories are you thinking about wearing with it?? Some white go-go boots, perhaps!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE the color. It is a classic. Well done!

  3. Love the colour & the top stitching - beautiful!