Friday, December 31, 2010

Me Next! DuBarry In Oz

I'm Steph from 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World.  I recently acquired several new-to-me vintage patterns, among them this DuBarry, circa mid-30's.

I plan to play with the top in a jersey, maybe muslin it properly, and eventually end up with the short-sleeved version in pale green silk pique.

I ordered this with Christmas money from Fashion Fabrics.  I haven't run the pique through my fingers to test for drape or heft; it may prove too sturdy to handle all those pleats.  In that case, I'll find a substitute.

I haven't sewn from a DuBarry, and 1930's sizing puzzles me at the best of times.  Generally, I work from a 32" or 34" bust and alter for a short waist and full bust.  So far my excursions into working with 30's patterns has been all over the map, hence the muslin.

For the first muslin, I'll make the bodice with no alterations for sizing.


  1. Your pattern is gorgeous! I can't wait to see that made up.

  2. Nice pattern, only 10c in it's day! It looks very flattering, I remember making a sort-of-similar dress in the er, 80's. Hope your fabric suits!

  3. Love your pattern! Good luck with the muslin.

  4. I like the tailored look of this dress. You doing the long or short sleeves? I favor the long sleeves. it should look good in your chosen fabric.