Saturday, March 5, 2011

Givenchy Finished !

Multiple diversions (read other sewing projects) before completion.
Things I did/learned along the way.

* Vintage patterns are for very skinny waists. Always make a muslin. I did muslin the bodice. Thank goodness. This pattern would have been up under my bust. I lengthened the bodice.

* I used a cotton/poly and lined/underlined with silk organza for some body. It was the right amount of poofy. The bodice I underlined with charmeuse. The pattern called for facings. Facings are a nightmare! I would line before face. Just a personal taste.

*The pattern required a satin ribbon for the waist. I thought this would be too prissy (me who loves ruffles) and thought the same fabric sash would be be understated. I cut it on the bias.

* I love the wide neck. Some clavicle is good. I think in a silk dupioni or satin duchesse in a solid color, this dress would be really pretty.

* I enjoyed the Sewalong. It was perfect for January and just the right amount of kick needed to get the job done!

                                                            Happy Sewing All!


  1. Joanne
    It is LOVELY! ANd so ... YOU! Would love to see it on you! Which reminds me ----- when are we all going to get together? DC is always a great place to visit!!!

  2. Love it! So pretty - you did a wonderful job!

  3. Lovely! Brilliant idea to use silk organza. I can see wearing this dress a lot. Makes me want to use my fabric. Nice job and love the snowy backdrop....

  4. I think it looks better than the envelope picture!

  5. So beautiful, I love everything!

  6. Love it! Job well done, Joanne! And thanks again for thinking this Sew Along up, it was so much fun!!!