Saturday, March 12, 2011

How about those mitered corners?

Soooo... how about some evidence of participation? Here is a photo of my first muslin for the 1930s jacket:

Apologies for completely forgetting to get a photo of the back of the jacket! This was finished in February, but I never got around to taking pictures until recently. And even though it's taken me so long to get to, I don't even have a second muslin to show! What a terrible sew-alonger, right? Anyhow, the pattern is for a 36" bust, which isn't too far off from my own measurements, but the jacket is still pretty baggy and shapeless, so I'll be taking it in, and possibly re-drafting the arm-hole area as it's super baggy there. I'm absolutely determined to get this done even if it means doing it in little bits over a period of months in order to save my sanity (I hate mitered corners and didn't realize this jacket features four of them until sewing the mock-up...). But thanks to all you sew-alongers for being a source of motivation, and I'll be posting a second muslin here in the coming weeks if it's still open for posting :)

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