Tuesday, February 8, 2011


...it feels like I worked on this simple skirt FOREVER, but that was because I took about two weeks off from it to get my sewing room put back together.  But now it's finally finished!
  • I worked out removing the extra width from the back of the skirt pretty well.  By doing so, I changed the original design from A-line to a somewhat straight style.
  •  I graded the original pattern up two sizes.
  • Practiced my invisible zipper application (still needs some work).
  • and I completed  another sew along.
  • Now that the skirt is finished, I have another wool blend plaid skirt to add to my winter wardrobe.
I gave it a spin around the block yesterday, and it wore quite well.  Thanks for allowing me to tag along on this - it was fun, and I did learn a few things in the process.


  1. It looks wonderful Faye! What a great addition to the wardrobe, I'm sure you'll get to wear it heaps.
    And you've done a great job matching all those checks!

  2. A great skirt Faye. You braved the plaid matchup-something on my list of challenges! I love it with the boots. Beautiful work! Congrats!

  3. Very snazzy, Faye. Lookin' skinny here too! Glad you sewed along.

  4. Oh the fabric so suits the design! And you nailed the fit! CONGRATS!

  5. Great job on matching the plaids. You've got a classic there! And it looks like it will move from winter to spring with a swish!