Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update on Velvet 1940s Dress

I wish that at this moment I was uploading pictures of my completed fabulous red velvet dress.  I started it with the intention of wearing it on Valentine's Day and well, Valentine's Day has come and gone, and still my dress is not completed.

Women who turn out dresses every week (ahem-- I know some of you do!) and even those who turn out dresses once a month are an inspiration to me.  You guys blow my mind.  I've spent hours working on this dress and yet, it's not finished.  On Sunday night I made a mad push to get the dressed finished, but after I passed two hours ruching and stitching up one sleeve-- and I haven't even set it in yet!-- I hung my head and realized that it simply would not get done that night.

So now I need the encouragement to press on with a red velvet dress now that spring is on its way-- a dress that I no longer have anywhere to wear it to:(

Tomorrow morning I embark on a cruise with my family to the Bahamas.  Chances are that this dress will not be complete before the end of February (I return on the Feb 26th), but hopefully I'll be able to post a picture of the completed dress sometime in early March.  Hopefully.

I'm excited to see what y'all have been doing-- keep 'em coming!

*I should add that the dress looks lovely so far.  I still need to attach the sleeves, make shoulder pads, install a side placket with snaps, hem, and make a fabric-covered belt.  That should be doable, right?


  1. It's just practice, practice, practice- like anything worth doing. As you make more dresses and build your skill, your work will go faster. If it looks lovely up to this point- well done. That in itself should be really encouraging. Better to move slowly and do a good job than to scream through it and have to fix a pile of mistakes.

  2. If it's going well you should definitely finish it, but I totally feel your pain, I can never finish anything unless I have a fixed deadline!(hence I haven't posted any finished garments to my blog is some time and my sewing table is covered with half made clothes!)

    Just create an occasion to wear it - if you are uncomfortable wearing slightly over the top vintagey clothing is real life to bars etc then set something up like an unusual date or a murder mystery party (always good for getting friends excited about fun clothes!)

    Or just wear it down to the shops and look amazing!

    Either way, finish it-I find all my unfinished stuff rather depressing!

  3. It took me almost two months to finish my vintage jacket. I want to see what these speed dresses other make look like up close.