Sunday, February 6, 2011

Muslin for Walk-A-Way Dress

I am feeling great that I have got this far in this sew along!  I have had pattern problems before but so far this dress is easy for a novice like me!  I think I just jinxed myself!!  Anyways, after I got over my fear of how much fabric there was I got to cutting & I have sewn  my muslin to this point.  I had some length issues so I took off about 2" so it is not totally even.  The neckline was not looking great on me either so I cut it out in a sweetheart neckline using my own heart template as I do not have a pattern for a sweetheart neckline.  I also need to move the bust darts down a little for a better fit.

Looking at these picture the length is still too long and the dress seems to be off in the front.
The back seems O.K.   The arm hole edges seem to be gaping a little but maybe when I sew on the bias tape it will fit better?  Now to work on the front buttons and hems, & finishing!  Any suggestions?


  1. I am wondering if your bodice is maybe too wide. Try pinning the bodice down the middle to see if you should re cut a bodice with less gaping in the middle. Typically this might be a new bodice cut closer to the fold line to remove excess fabric. Experiment with your muslin first.
    I hope this makes sense!

  2. Ohhh o.k. that does make sense. I am working on my dress this morning so this helps.