Sunday, January 2, 2011

1930s Button Dress

Hello, everyone! I'm Ginnie and I live in western Maryland. I'm very excited to be participating in this, my very first vintage sew along. Heck, my very first actual vintage anything, really. I'm generally not a vintage sewer. I love the look of it on other people, but I feel like it's usually something I can't pull off without seeming costumey. If I had to pick my very favorite decade, it would be the 1920s, though. In fact, last year for my husband's and my joint 30th birthday party, we sent our 20s packing in Roaring 20s style! It was amazing... fully costumed, authentically soundtracked, completely themed party. But, of course, it was meant to be costumey.

But I've been giving it more thought lately, and this sew-along seemed like the perfect opportunity to try and create something with a hint of retro, but still modern enough that I can wear it to work in the present decade. I found this little 1930s reproduction beauty from Decades of Style.

I immediately fell in love with the lines of the raglan sleeves with the decorative buttons.  Interestingly enough, the buttons on the 'Button Dress' are all just for show - completely non functioning.  The back has not one, but two bows. This will be rectified, if possible. I can get on board the vintage train, but I can't get on the butt-bow train. :)  We'll see if I can redraft a bit to eliminate at least one of those bows.

As the pattern calls for very drapy, flowy fabrics, I'm thinking of using this silk charmeuse.
 I look forward to sewing with all you ladies (and any gents that may turn up) and can't wait to see what everyone will be creating!


  1. Usually it just involves not putting on a bow without a major re-draft. If a major one would be necessary, it's kind of cool to just leave it.

  2. If it's very drapy fabric perhaps the bow will drape nicely too? It's certainly not going to stick out in a soft, fluid fabric.
    I admit that I wouldn't be wanting a butt-bow either!
    It looks a very elegant dress.

  3. The bow on the waist won't need any redrafting - just measuring and cutting one piece instead of two long ones. Easy enough. The neck one can stay if it needs to, I don't hate it there, but it's built into the neckline/shoulder pattern piece, so it would require some redrafting of those pieces a bit. I'm not sure if I'll do it or not. But thanks for the input. You're right -- it might not look bad in a super drapy fabric. Good call, ladies!

  4. That is a lovely dress pattern! I think your fabric is a perfect print, too!

  5. Maybe you could redraft the bows into button tabs to match the front? I LOVE that dress!

  6. Beautiful style! I think you needn't worry about looking costumey in this one.
    I like the bow at the back waist, they can be quite flattering there. Buttton tabs sound good too though!

  7. Love love love this pattern! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I don't think you should have too much trouble getting rid of the bow/bows. Good luck!