Monday, January 3, 2011

in all her polished cotton loveliness... I just couldn't take the risk of leaving it to fate and having her slip through my fingers. So now 2.5 m is mine - which hopefully is enough for the planned dress.

I am intending to make up a 'muslin' in this navy stretch poplin - not the standard muslin type fabric I know but  I am kind of hoping that if the muslin turns out well I might be able to wear it too. I just couldn't justify paying $6.00AUS per meter for calico when the poplin was only $8.00. Plus the little bit of stretch in the poplin should mirror the 2% spandex in the dress fabric. I will also use the poplin to line another dress that I have in the pipeline - one that I will actually be able to wear now.


  1. Yes! Gorgeous fabric. Well done!

  2. Poplin as a lining in summer might be a little heavy. I only mention it because I did it once and regretted it and don't wear the dress.

    That fabric is gorgeous.

  3. I think the lining in the other dress is just in the bodice. I have to look at the pattern more closely.
    Thanks re: the fabric - it is from a little shop in the ACT called Addicted to Fabric.