Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fabric & Pattern

Looking through my stash I found this cotton/lycra, very drapy, dark blue denim. Do you think I could use it to make my princess seam vintage 60's dress?  It's very lightweight, it drapes beautifully, my only concern is that the pattern takes approximately 2.5m of fabric and I have 2m.  Perhaps I will need to take a trip to my nearest thrift store.  In Australia we call thrift stores, second-hand shops. They mean the same thing.

My pattern finally came too!  I'm not sure if the stamped envelope is the actual cover of the pattern or not.  The previous owner had sticky-taped a cut-out of the dress on the envelope itself but I can't see where the picture came from.  It's not cut out of the instructions.  She has even written on the envelope that the short sleeve dress takes 2 & 5/8 yards of fabric, 60" wide.  I love holding that piece of history in my hands and wondering what her dress looked like, did she like it, what kind of fabric she used and where she wore it.


  1. The mystery and wonder is what makes me smile as I work on my project, too. You may have enough fabric, as I found with mine, there was quite a big hem allowance. I would pull out the pattern and measure the length, you may be pleasantly surprised!

  2. Ditto what Kristine said. I think this denim could work fine if it is very lightweight and drapey. I just saw a Prada Spring 2011 denim dress in a magazine, and it looks similar to your pattern.

    We do use both terms here--thrift store, second-hand, it's the same.

  3. Yes the mailer is indeed is the pattern envelope. My mother and grandmother bought a lot of Marian Martin Patterns (I'll have them all in my Etsy shop) and they did the same thing with theirs, e.g. tape the drawing from the newspaper to the mailer. This was long before the age of home scanner and and photo-copiers.