Friday, January 21, 2011

Where I'm At

My original pattern was this princess-style by Marian Martin.  The neckline was very high, too high for me so I've changed it to a v-neck.  Hopefully this won't change the character of the dress too much but it's way more comfortable and flattering on me.
I ended up having to make a FBA adjustment on the dress, only a 2cm one which was good, it's easier than having to try and manipulate bigger adjustments. I followed the princess seam FBA method from the Fit For Real People book. I also moved the bust point down by 2.5cm.
Cutting out muslin #4 of the bodice of the dress. That's the only part of the dress that is fitted and amazingly, I did not have to alter the back except to skim a small amount off the back armhole. The final, fitted 4th muslin.
All that's left is to alter the shoulder length by about 1cm but I will wait until I've got the dress together in 'real' fabric and see.
This is my thrifty year and I'm limiting my fabric purchases and using stash fabrics. I can't remember what this fabric is but it doesn't wrinkle and it's so soft and drapey. Perfect! It's a natural fibre, possibly cotton and something else - I bought it from Mood Fabrics last year. I have some pink cotton batiste which I'll line the dress with as well. I've prewashed the fabric, it's on the clothes line as I speak type.
This is the first dress that I've been really happy with my pattern adjustments and not stressing too much. It's also my first vintage pattern I've ever sewn.

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  1. I agree. I find vintage patterns have round necks that are soooooo tight and high. And don't get me started on the waistlines.
    Your alterations will be wonderful.