Thursday, January 13, 2011

Du Barry 5766 - Muslin #2 and 2.5

This Muslin is 2.5.  I'm referring to it that way because it has one side front with the dart (as in the original pattern) and one side with a revised pattern which includes a princess seam.

I was having to shorten the dart so much that it quickly became a "short triangle" and I couldn't get rid of the "POOF" at the point. Before I allowed myself to get too frustrated, I began pinching out fabric on the left front to come up with a princess seam.  After marking my new "pinned" lines, I took that left front apart and recut a modified pattern (photo at my blog).  I think it will work so much better for me.  I still have to sew in the sleeves and should be able to determine if I need to remove some ease from the sleeve to omit puckers at the shoulder.

There are a few more details at my blog about today's adventures.

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