Sunday, January 9, 2011

Final Toile

This is it - my final toile, in all it's glory:

What a kerfuffle!  Since my last post I did the following refinements:
  • lowered front neckline
  • moved bust point of french dart
  • reduced shoulder length and reshaped armhole front and back
  • raised back darts
  • taken in side seams and french dart
  • shortened, and hem band = 10cm
  • fixed shoulder drag lines
To fix the drag line between my shoulder and bust point, I first clipped into the armhole to the drag line to release the tension.  The armhole edge opened up and the drag line disappeared - yay, cause of problem found:

However you can't exactly do this to your pattern, so on the opposite side I slashed to the neckline from that point, and here held together with red Christmas tape you can see the extra height I needed at the front shoulder, and this is essentially what I did to the pattern as well.

I cut it out this morning, and I just had enough fabric!
And the linen tells me my shears are very blunt!


  1. Oh - it looks fabulous! Such a big improvement!!

  2. Looks excellent.....why we

  3. I think you are doing a magnificent fitting job.