Monday, January 10, 2011

Muslin 2 Again, Advance 8524

Thanks to the generous help of Linda T and Robin, I have further refined Muslin 2--the left side is the best fit, I think:

What about the drag lines at the back armhole? Any help is wonderful, ladies!
Details at my blog.


  1. That looks great!!!
    Sorry, I can't offer any advice on the drag lines, I've only just learned what the hey they are!

    Again, looks great!

  2. What happens if you were to insert a small shoulder pad? Does that "lift" the shoulder and eliminate the drag lines (if I'm interpreting the correct drags lines to which you refer).

  3. Much better!
    I eliminate the drag lines, I think you need to lower the underarm point, and lower the shoulder point.

  4. Wow, your muslin is really looking good. i am with Sherry on the drag lines in the back. You may find, after lowering the underarm and shoulder point, that you need to shave off a bit of the armscye. Perhaps there is a little too much fabric there.
    But the good news is that this is a sleeveless design, so you'll be good to go! No sleeve alteration :)