Saturday, January 1, 2011

Decisions Decisions

Hi, My name is Andrea and I am excited that I found this sewalong - if only that it has given me a prompt to do something I probably otherwise wouldn't have done. I have a blog at Sew in Style.

My vintage pattern is on it's way to me in Australia also - I did have one 80's pattern in my collection but I really couldn't see myself wearing a boxy jacket. So this is what I have chosen.

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I am very tempted to go out an buy this gorgeous fabric that I discovered the other day:

To make it up in and use some navy satin for the sash BUT - and I'm not sure how I will overcome this dilemma just yet: I am 6 months pregnant and don't own a dress form so I am not quite sure just how I am going to fit this dress to myself. Part of me wants to find something in my stash to make it up with so that I can make it again with the fabric I love when I am no longer pregnant. I thought that I might be able to compare the toile to a couple of other toiles I have made - but there is nothing quite like being able to get that perfect fit. Any suggestions would be most welcome! Perhaps I should have chosen a jacket!


  1. My first thought is I would snap up that fabric right away - it is gorgeous! I really love your pattern too.
    Maybe it is a good idea to make it up in a cheap fabric (even just calico) initially, fitting it the best you can from tried and true patterns, and practising techniques if you need to. Then you will be able to cut into that gorgeous fabric with confidence, and sew it up a lot quicker, when you are ready.

  2. That is a beautiful dress pattern and the fabric is gorgeous.

  3. I'm sure I've seen that fabric before. Is that Gardam's?

  4. Yes. Snap up the fabric.
    Darling pattern and fabric.

  5. Oh, that fabric looks perfect to me!