Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sewalong Invite Update

Dear Ladies (no Gents as of yet, but they are welcome to join),

I am working feverishly to add invites to those of you that have sent me an email. If you do not have an email listed on your website, or your email is private, I am unable to invite you, I simple get rerouted to no-reply comment blogger.

I would recommend opening a sewing only email through yahoo or gmail. This will in no way be connected to your personal private email. This is what my matildasydney is about.

You CAN comment and view if you are NOT invited. You CANNOT post if you are NOT invited. I do need an email in order to add you so that can post. Not my rules, but the Law of Blogger.

If I have not added you at this point, it is because I am unable to access your email. If you choose to view only that is great. Please consider an email and forward it to me, should you wish to have posting privileges.

Happy New Year All- my muslin bodice is cut out. Woo Hoo!


  1. Hi there - I haven't gotten an email but really want to play! My email is linked to my blog. But here it is - jandayatl at yahoo dot com

  2. I'd like to play, too---I had sent an email and left a comment before but still no luck :(. My sewing email is I blog on wordpress, but I do have a TanitIsis blogger profile, too.

  3. Me, too! Try this email:

    harriethomeowner at yahoo dot com

    My blog is not related to sewing (but if you're interested in music you can check it out).

  4. Is it too late to join? If my blog contact is no good, my sewing email is:
    I would love to be a part of this project, so needing the motivation lately :)

  5. Me too! I put a comment several days ago, but here is my email: