Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage Butterick 4627 coat

I will be sewing this winter coat:
using this very dark blue wool coating:
The pattern is quite old and I am the first person to unfold it.  The paper is fragile, so I will trace off the pattern and carefully put it back into the envelope for safekeeping.  The instructions are very clear and detailed and use the materials and tools available at the time.
It's really a pretty simple design (thank goodness!).  Although the collar appears to be a lapel, upon inspection of pattern pieces, it's obviously a shawl collar.
I am 80% sure I have enough fabric to make the longer version.  I bought the end of a bolt at a sale last summer.  If I don't have enough, I'll make it mid-thigh or a bit shorter to look more like a swing coat.  I sewed a Burda WOF swing coat a couple years ago and I like that style a lot, too.

Another unknown is whether I will fuse the whole thing.  I plan to test samples with the lightest fusible I have to see if it works.  All I want is stability, no stiffening.  We'll see! 


  1. That's a great project. Will be following your progress.

  2. I really like your coat pattern. it should work up well with the wool coating you've picked out. As far as fusing, have you looked at the pro-weft fusible interfacing at ? I've used this on several different weight fabrics. It will stabilize without adding weight or stiffening to the fabric.

  3. Lovely!
    I can't wait for winter to start sewing coats again.

  4. Lovely pattern. I can't even think of coats at the moment, it's so warm here.
    Looking forward to seeing it finished. It will great in the dark blue wool.