Wednesday, January 19, 2011

McCall's 2206 Update

I have just cut out my third muslin of McCall's 2206 and I'm ready to stitch it up. Hopefully I'll be ready for the real thing next.

After seriously altering the bodice to bring it down to my size, I figured it couldn't hurt to go ahead and slap one more muslin together to make sure the adjustment works as planned and more importantly, to check the fit of the sleeves and collar, which I haven't muslined yet. I suspect I may need to raise the armhole a tad and add a little bit of extra room to the sleeve. Once all that is done, I can cut out the real thing!

I'll be making the long sleeve view from red "suede cloth" from stash. I was worried about having enough fabric, but I checked and there is plenty. Enough to re-cut a piece if necessary, even. And since I'm putting all this work into muslins and fitting, I think I will go ahead and make the short sleeve view as well. I have a pretty turquoise/hot pink boucle in the stash that needs to be used and I'm thinking a bright, mod dress will be just the thing for Easter. (I might even have enough to make my daughter a coordinating A-line dress. She'd be thrilled to have a dress like Mom's!)

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