Saturday, January 29, 2011

Regretfully, a Change of Plans.

Well, my lofty aim to sew the Walkaway Dress is not going to pan out.  I just don't have the skills yet to tackle this dress in the allotted time, and the nerves about it have driven me Plan B!

I have never sewn vintage, so I came to reason and decided that a simpler project is probably a better idea, eh?

Plan A, the Walkaway Dress:

Plan B, a wicked easy vintage dress:

I'll accept the defeat for now, but mark my words - the Walkaway dress will be MINE!  Just after I get over my nerves. :)

See my blog for more deets.

Cheers to all,


  1. I do love the butterick pattern!

  2. ooops the second!

  3. Ahhh, good! I was hoping that's what you meant! lol!

    Yeah, I think it's a better choice for me and my newbie skills. Plus I love the possibilities this dress offers... I could make it really heavy with a wool, or really Spring appropriate with like, and eyelet cotton or something. Love it.


  4. I love Butterick- the second. A clean classic line that won't have you bald!

  5. Exactly!! I am really looking forward to making it up once, and then going back to it time and time again - when I just need "that" dress, ya know? The options are limitless.

    Thanks for the support ladies! I was getting pretty down about not going all out and doing the Walkaway... But there comes a time when reality just hits you. Better now then halfway through the dress, I suppose.

    Thanks, again :)

  6. When I get nerves I cut up cheap fabric. Except for that one dress that still scares the bajangas out of me.

  7. Good luck with Plan B but don't let the thought of Bias tape scare you, once you've mastered it it's literally a god send and can be used for literally ANY raw edge plus it's decorative and can be used as shoulder straps too. Give it a go, don't be scared off by it.

  8. Steph, lol, I hear ya!

    Ruby, it's not the bias tape... I've used that plenty o' times before. It's the... I can't really explain it. It's the pressure. Put on me by myself. It's just too 'big' a pattern. Call it what you will, but I'm just not ready to sew that dress. I will though. Perhaps there'll be a Vintage Sewalong 2012?! ;)

    For now, 'EASY' it is. And I'm ok with that :)

    Thanks everyone, again. Can't wait to see everyones finished garments!