Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yep, I'm doin' it.

I'm doing the Walk-Away dress.

The likelyhood of me whipping this puppy up in a morning and walking away in it for a 'luncheon' are slim, but I'm excited regardless!

I've been cruising eBay and Esty for about a week now, and I just keep coming back to this pattern.  I flippen love it.  And although it's a tad dramatic, I think I can actually wear it in my actual life, due in part to my probable fabric choice:

Red Carolina Chambray from Fabric.com.  I LOVE this stuff!  It's so delicious and soft and heavy and flowy all in one. :)  I think it'll be perfect, and kind of take the drama of the dress down a notch.  I have 3 yards and I hope it'll be enough... I don't have the physical pattern yet, so I don't know the yardage.  I'm a bit hazy too on what I should use for the binding.  There's so much of it!  I'm thinking maybe like an ivory floral like so:


Any thoughts or suggestions would be much obliged!

Happy sewing to you all!   

Sarah @ EmmylouBeeDoo 


  1. I was thinking of finally tackling that dress too! Which issue are you going to use? I'm thinking of using the 2nd one, it seems the best drafted (all 4 issues of it have slight drafting changes, or actually the current one has drastic changes and the others have minor ones. I hope you're using the first one since I decided not to, I'd like to see how it turns out!

  2. I'd love to give this one a go one day too, so will be following with interest!

  3. I unfortunately missed out on the original in my size (!) on eBay, so I just hastily bought the newest edition. I'm super bummed it turned out that way, but I think I'll always have my eyes peeled for the original... It's just so damn lovely :)

    I'd love it if another gal was making this dress along with me! Fun!!

  4. Sherry, thank you for the productive pressure! :D I'll need it!

  5. Sarah, if you like, email me (through my profile), depending on your size I might be able to loan you an older version!

  6. There's lots of reviews of that one on PatternReview, so I would check them out. I have that one, too, so I remember reading that there were some issues in regards to fit. I also saw it made up in person at my local fabric store, and it was very, very pretty! Good luck!

  7. Thanks Kristine! I love your blog! :D

    Yeah... I bought (hastily) the newest issue, and I'm regretting it. I am going to try and hunt down either the '99 version or (gasp, says my wallet) one from the actual 50's. Thanks sooo so much to Sarah @ ColorKitten for helping me out!

    I feel like this is going to be worth it though :) Hold me to that, k gals?

  8. Sarah, I made this last summer! I love mine, but I need to go back and make different binding. My fabric choice was too thin, but yours will probably be the perfect weight!
    Here's mine:

    The only fitting things I remember are that the waist is very very fitted (to hold the dress together/on). Measure there carefully for sure! And the shoulders/armhole/neckline had to be raised. I did an FBA too (but I normally do this).

    Good luck! I'll be watching! Six months out, i have forgotten misgivings and keep looking at fabrics in stash to remake this one. Especially since I figured out the issues already.

  9. That's a really pretty pattern and I like your fabric choice.

  10. angie.a, which pattern issue did you make your dress with? Please tell me you used the 2006 reissue and it worked out swimmingly :)

    Sue, thank you! Yeah, I think I'm pretty settled on my fabric choice. It's a good color for all seasons, in my opinion. The binding though, I'm still deciding. :)