Saturday, January 8, 2011

DuBarry 5766

I've decided that this will be my selection.  It is a 1943 pattern, and I like it for several reasons.  The back princess seams will be helpful in fitting adjustments, and I love the insert detail at the front/side.  This is an "unmarked" pattern, i.e. no words or symbols printed on the pattern--just small "holes" in the pattern.  The instruction sheet has the "legend" for what the punched markings represent.  I traced the pattern off yesterday and marked with words and arrows.  Interestingly, the seams are .5" with the underarm seam being .75".  This is noted in the instrction sheet since there are no markings on the pattern itself.

The muslin is started, but I haven't had a chance to take photos yet.


  1. Fetch me my smelling salts!

    I like the waist inset, that should have a lovely effect on your waist.

  2. Also in love with this one! Is the waistline inset for the front only, or does it extend into the back? Would love for you to post a photo of the pattern pieces!

  3. Call me pendantic but I think the artist screwed up the drawing of the darts in the right side dress. They're off center and way up over her apex. tsk tsk. :)

  4. Your dress is very similar to mine! Mine is a 2pc mail order but the bodice sides are nearly identical. Mine will button up the back rather than the front, though.