Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Workable Vintage Skirt Muslin

Spent yesterday on pattern preparation.  I actually had to grade this pattern up almost 3 sizes to fit.  As easy as a skirt pattern is, I really actually stressed over it, but finally got a hold on myself and just got it done. 
When I chose this pattern I was so sure that I could do this, but when it came down to starting the project I began to doubt myself. In grading up 3 sizes, I need to add 10 1/2" to the waist and 5" to the hip area of the pattern.  My problem was in trying to decide whether to divide by four and add the results to the side seam allowance; or to divide by two and add the results to the center front and back of the pattern.  I thought about Nancy Zieman's "PIVOT AND SLIDE" method or her "SLASH AND SPREAD" method.  I decided to wing it and go with the slash and spread option.

My muslin is a little large in the waist and hip areas, but I've made notes and adjustments on my traced pattern to help me remember what changes to make.  I think I've got a workable muslin, my fabric has been pre-treated, and now I'm ready to pin and start cutting.  TOTAL SEWING PARALYSIS averted...


  1. Oh good, Faye, so glad crisis averted! Looking good so far.

  2. Whenever there is an averted sewing crisis, buy a lottery ticket-or have a glass of something other than milk........

  3. Yea! Glad the sewing crisis was averted!