Monday, January 3, 2011

Australian Home Journal

This was my first vintage pattern purchase about, oh, 5 years ago.  Its undated - sometime in the 50's.
 Its a 'teenage frock' as opposed to a 'matron frock'.   ook.   That word !

I opened it up and was dismayed to find that it had no printing and I had no idea how to approach it.  So it just got stored.   Little did I realise then how adventurous I would become and that there was a world of assistance out there to explain these patterns. 

So I've dug it out and am going to give it a go.

Hopefully its got tons of ease because I don't think I'd fit into it if its true to the size on the pattern cover.

I'm thinking of doing the version with the little cap sleeves.   Although I may go there with the poufy ones if this is successful.

I havent even thought about fabric yet,  I'll just knock a toile together and then make a call.

Wish me luck !



  1. oooh! An AHJ. I never sewed from their actual patterns, just the ones in the magazines. You can always do some flat pattern measuring to figure out if you need to add more ease before you knock up the toile.