Friday, January 14, 2011

My Pattern arrived!

So my pattern arrived today and I have spent a fair bit of time studying the back of it - especially looking at those measurements. Hmmn ... I think there may be trouble brewing and I don't know how to resize a pattern up three! sizes and based on my measurements (which stay fairly true when I'm not pregnant) the size 16 then is equivalent to almost a 12 now. Hmmn...what to do.

Dig out the dressmaking books and learn about resizing patterns - that's what!

After that I will cut out and sew up a muslin and compare it wish some of the muslin's I did for dresses I made last year. I might even take it to my aunt's place and try iton her adjustable dress form.

If I am planning on wearing it just a month after I have a baby - it shouldn't matter if the muslin is too big.

I think given how much I am in love with my fabric - I will put the pattern on hold at that point until post giving birth when I can at least fit the dress too me.

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  1. I think your plan sounds good! If you google, there are some good resources online for resizing vintage patterns too.

    I'm the same way with loved fabric, saving it til I'm "sure". I bet you can find something else suitable though!