Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why I Must Muslin

Today I am featuring my Givenchy bodice muslin , with my black Uof M sweatpants pulled as high as I can. A great look. :)

 The back shows  a strong swayback. Or is that bad posture? Both. The sleeves are tight, so a good half inch will need to come off the underarm. The overhang over the shoulders is no surprise, EVERY pattern works like this for me!

The collar is nice and big. Pulling at the waist, and the bust point,well, it looks a little too perky. Note to self, bring DOWN to match real bust. (giggle).

Some more work to do, before I cut into the real fabric.


  1. I love the general shape, and the collar is going to be awesome!
    The shoulders don't look too bad to me when you consider the seam allowance is still there, but you know what is right for you. I usually cut my seam allowances off to get a good appreciation of the end result.
    In saying that, I shortened my shoulder length. I've been surprised how wide the shoulders on sixties patterns actually are, and yes, how high the bust point is too!

  2. Yeah, Joanne, it looks like you're pretty close. I like the direction it's going in.

    I cut out my jacket muslin this morning and am going to Susan Khalje it: machine-stitch all the seamlines, darts, grainlines, etc. I really, really want this jacket to work!

  3. I think the bust point has to do with underwear. Even on those shifty dresses.

    Great top, that collar is fantastic!

  4. It's looking pretty good! I really like this style on you.