Thursday, January 13, 2011

McCall Skirt 8494

The pattern envelope is marked with size "Waist  34", so I figured it was safe to make up in a slightly nicer than muslin fabric to check the fit.  I chose a coral linen from my stash, and it's so cheerful, bright, and springy... that I've decided to shelf this project for a few months.
Yes, you heard me right.  Shelf it.

The problem is two-fold: the fit and my diet.  If I fit it to my size now (needs to be taken in about 1"), that would be a waste because I wouldn't wear this fabric until April or May.  By then, I'm hoping to be a few inches smaller, so it seems silly to me to take it in twice.  Especially when taking it in will effect the pockets, which are really cute!  The pockets are sized to fit precisely between the seams on the front and side front, and if I take in any of those seams (which I will), then the pocket needs to be removed and replaced.  I figure that I should pause where I am at (pockets put together, but not stitched onto skirt, and no hem in place) so that when the warm weather arrives, I'll be ready to fit it perfectly and wear it with some lovely sandals and a fresh white short-sleeved top!

My only complaints of the pattern so far are the length of the skirt (it comes to my ankles, but the envelope shows just below the knee), and the pocket construction.  The instructions for the pockets are pretty unclear, and it took me a long while to figure out that they're stitched on, with the flap open, and where the stitching stops is where it flaps over.  Also, there is a pocket lining, which when assembled properly produces a clean finished pocket (no fraying on the inside).  Key words: "When assembled properly..."  Not me.  I can't ever just go the easy route!


  1. Will you be choosing a new pattern for the sewalong or are you just completely on hold until spring? It really is a lovely skirt.

  2. I'm thinking a top will be the next project for the sew along! Less fitting issues with weightloss (in my opinion)...

  3. I really like the pockets on this skirt!