Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finally a decision - Vogue 2263

Looks like every one has been busy making progress on their vintage garments. Sadly, the only progress I've made has been in my mind.  Which happens to me quite frequently.  I confess that many times I'll plan an entire project - from pattern alterations, to fabric choice, to order of construction, to finished garment - completely in my head before I even pull the pattern out of it's envelope.  That's not to say that I always do that.  But this time I did and now I'm a bit behind schedule.

First of all, let me properly introduce myself. I'm Sharon, from the blogs Sharon Sews (I know, real original, right?) and Patternaholic.  I've been blogging for about four years and sewing forever. Well, not really forever, but it has been quite a few years. 

For this vintage sew along I've chosen a lovely 1970s dress by Donald Brooks - Vogue 2263.   

"Donald Brooks, the Coty Award-winning designer has won great acclaim for his own definite theory of fashion - that clothes should be infinitely less important than the woman wearing them. His lines are pure, uncluttered and classic in shape. He is also known for his mastery of elegant detailing."

I'm using a heathered purple semi-sheer wool knit (70% wool 30% polyester) from Fabric Mart Fabrics.   The design is underlined and I was not sure what to use as an underlining for a semi-sheer knit. I have black tricot on order and I'll see if that does the trick. Otherwise, I'm open to suggestions.
This pattern was chosen for the neck, waist and wrist tucks - love 'em!  I'm thinking to make it look more modern I may add an exposed zipper down the back. 

And lucky for me this lovely pattern is already my size so no grading for me. Yay!

Now I must get back to my pattern alterations so I can get busy with my muslin.


  1. Awesome pattern! and the fabric sounds luscious. My sewalong adventure is only in my head so far too. ;) (well, I did trace and grade my pattern yesterday?)