Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wait for Me!

Hi There! I'm DeniseAngela and I'm a new sewist and I blog over at dame*design*studio .  I love dresses from the 1950's & 1960's!  I'm a little late in posting my pattern choice as I could not decide from the two vintage patterns I own!   I finally chose the Retro Butterick '52 otherwise know as the walk-away dress.  Its says fast & easy but since I have pattern phobias & issues this will not be fast & easy for me!  This is the fabric I chose.
I will use the white & pink striped taffeta blends ( it feels like taffeta-I'm not sure though, I got it on sale and it said "fabric unknown") for the front dress part and I will use this black cotton, linen blends for the contrasting wrap-around part.  I will be using the black bias for the trim.  This is also my first sewalong and any idea's, comments are very helpful to me!  Thanks!


  1. I got this re-issued pattern too. Whats not to like. A dress you can finish in the morning and wear to lunch? You got me!

    HARDLY !

    This has been in my 'wadder' stash for a while - I started and despaired of it. Hardly a morning job.

    But don't listen to me !!! Good luck. I hope you re-invigorate my passion for this dress. It looks so great on the pattern cover !


  2. I'm making this TOO! My pattern (#6173, 1999 reissue) came yesterday and I just washed and fluffed a flannel sheet to make up my muslin this weekend! I'm ultimately using a cranberry chambray for the whole thing - no contrast fabric. I hope I end up happy with that decision! I have yet to pick out my binding/trim fabric. GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. Hi SRH,
    I just started looking up info on this pattern and there seems to be alot of fitting issues. Great! This was one of the first patterns I bought a year ago when I started to sew, because I liked the style of the dress. Well, I'll give it a try - its been lying in my pattern box for a year waiting to be sewn up!

  4. Hi Sarah - just checked out your post and I like the fabric you chose! I'm looking now & I think I did not get enough fabric! I have never sewn a vintage pattern before (mine is the re-issue 2006) I originally tried to get the Whirl-Away dress from the 1960's but could not find for sale anywhere!! I still need to get fabric to start my muslin. Its great that your sewing the same dress too!