Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Advance 8524, Just Darting Around

I've been moving darts and lowering darts today. Here is the before picture, with the drag lines right above the bust:

And here is the after picture (gee, I should have ironed this thing first):
This needs further refinement, obviously. I'd love to hear your input! More about how I did this at my blog, RetroGrace.


  1. Your second one is much improved-- but I'm wondering if your darts are too long? Or maybe they're not pointing at your apex?

  2. I think elventryst is correct. Took the words right off my fingertips.

  3. Hey Juliane, could you try sizing down your photos before you upload them here? Try setting the pixels to about 500 to 600 for the longest side of the photo. You can usually reduce the size of images for email and web sites in most photo software programs. This will help the site load faster. Thanks! —Lindsay T for Joanne