Saturday, January 22, 2011


Is there an official name for the sudden dementia that strikes as soon as one starts a sewing project?  I swear-- Every.Single.Time I sit down to sew, I end up making silly, silly mistakes.  And, rather than learning from these mistakes, it seems that each one is more grievous than the previous.

Let me ask you: Does anything curious strike you about my version of the pattern (aside from the missing belt)?
Ding! Ding! Ding!  The prize goes to the woman in the front row.  YES! You may be scratching your head wondering why that skirt is hoisted all the way up to my boobs.  Frankly, I'm wondering the same thing myself and questioning how I could have made such a silly mistake.  I'm just glad I caught it before I cut out the fashion fabric.

SO, the lessons learned are (to be forgotten the next time I tackle a pattern):
  • When you're 5'10", you ALWAYS have to lengthen the pattern.  ALWAYS.
  • Take a GOOD look at the fashion drawing on the front of the envelope.  And, if there is one, take a good look at the flat sketch as well.
Silly, silly me!  I'm off to add, oh, a good two inches to my pattern.


  1. To be honest, I think I like where it sits on you better... The original placement runs a strong risk of looking, ah, saggy, I suspect. And the bottom of the waist panel seems to be at the right place on your hips. :)

  2. Tanitisis has a point, I agree. It may be worth making a muslin with your 2" lengthening and compare. I thought the muslin looked okay, it actually still does, until I saw the picture and the difference in lengths.
    The lady in the picture looks like she's wearing a bra that is rock solid, it's not going to move a bit!

  3. Your basic muslin looks very promising. The style looks great on you, but I agree with you, I think it needs the two inches.

  4. very entertaining post!
    I agree with you - lengthen the bodice.
    Lovely dress.

  5. Well, proportion-wise, the illustration shows the midsection part to be much narrower than the real-life counterpart. So I would lengthen the bodice a bit (maybe not 2" though) and if you want a more "illustration" look, I think you'll have to narrow that much out of the midriff band. Otherwise I think it looks just lovely in your muslin!

  6. If I was making this dress, I'd also make the waist a bit less fitted to keep the lines but have it skim over the middle instead of pinching in, unless you're planning on wearing a girdle with it. (I'm not saying there is ANYTHING wrong with your figure -- you look great -- just looking at the fit from the point of view of modern comfort.)

  7. Me too, had the same problem with my pattern being too short. I'm 5'7" and I had to lengthen it 1.5". Yes, good thing you caught this!