Monday, January 3, 2011

Decisions decisions...

I love the idea of sewalongs… whether or not I finish it in the end or even in the allotted timeframe is another matter! But when I heard about the great vintage sewalong, I thought it would be a great idea to finally motivate me to make one of the vintage patterns that I own… So I've signed up! My name is Freya and I can usually be found over at my blog handmadebyfreya.

I'm currently deciding between three vintage patterns that I own.... Any suggestions will be gratefully received!

I have always loved the look of this dress, however this is one of those dresses that I think look great on the envelope but in reality might look ridiculous! I do love the idea of tweed though…

I actually started a toile on this vintage vogue a while ago with plans to make it in a black taffeta… But I don’t really wear full skirts too often…

Or this one could make a lovely sun dress/tea dress… But I’m just not sure what sort of fabric I have that would go with it.


  1. In my opinion, the last one has the most wearability, being more casual in style and fit than the other two. I have a lovely windowpane linen for it, so feel free to drop it in the mail when you're done! ;)

  2. For a start I would go with No. 3, too, because it is more wearable as Kristine says. favorite is No. 1...and my motto is Make Them All! Good luck!

  3. I agree the Anne Adams is really wearable today, but when Juliane suggested make them all...! Or you could try the Vogue in a summer cotton instead of an evening fabric.